Leadership Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact a Board Representative?
AHRMM’s current Board members with contact information is included on the Board of Directors listing.

How do I volunteer to join an AHRMM Committee or Task Force?
Each year, AHRMM issues a “Call for Volunteers” to all AHRMM members. If you are a current AHRMM member and interested in joining one of AHRMM’s Committees or Task Forces, please email ahrmm@aha.org. View a complete listing of the current Committees and Task Forces.

What is a Fellow and how can I become one?
AHRMM Fellow status is presented to Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) members in good standing, who have met specified achievement criteria and submitted an approved, original, unpublished paper on a current aspect of materials management. To apply for Fellow status or for more information, visit Fellow Program.

I am interested in becoming an AHRMM Board Member. What positions are available and how do I run for office?
Each year, AHRMM conducts elections for Board member and officer positions. If you are a current AHRMM member and are interested in running for office, visit the Elections page.

How do I nominate someone for the George R. Gossett Leadership Award?
The Leadership Award is AHRMM’s highest honor. Refer to Leadership Award for nominations, award information, and criteria.


Need More Info?

If you have additional questions, please call (312) 422-3840 or email ahrmm@aha.org.