2017 Affiliate Seat Candidate

Ron PrybellaRon Prybella, BSEE, MBA, CMRP
Senior Director of Marketing
Medegen Medical Products
Hauppauge, New York


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Describe why you are a good candidate for this leadership role.

AHRMM has evolved as healthcare has evolved. Through the last decade, supply chain has increasingly become recognized and acknowledged in a vital role to providing effective healthcare. It is our obligation to deliver more than just cost effective healthcare, but innovative and advancing healthcare.

Throughout my 32 years in healthcare I have participated in most aspects of the industry. I started in engineering and product development being asked to lead an engineering team early in my career. We brought to market a number of advanced products through the FDA 510k process and clinical trials working together with many industry stakeholders.

In the 90s I was fortunate to be asked to lead a new manufacturing facility which required building a cleanroom and producing Class II devices. This allowed me to gain a strong appreciation of producing quality product and developing teams to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

For the past fifteen years I have been the Marketing Director responsible for all aspects of products and product development and for seven years with med-surg products through distribution and GPOs. Working with our direct sales force I have had direct interactions supporting AHRMM members. I became aware of AHRMM through exhibiting at the national tradeshow. I was impressed with the direction of AHRMM and decided to become a member and CMRP certified, now for five years. Currently I lead the Medegen Marketing Team and am also a key member of the company’s senior management team and responsible for developing, implementing, and modifying our strategic plan.

I think my breadth of product experience that range from high volume daily-use plastic products to advanced electro-mechanical-software systems can be an asset to the board. With my experience with government and regulatory agencies including the FDA, AAMI, and UL and most recently leading contractual agreements with GPOs and facilitating product availability through distributors to members, I have a shared experience with most provider and supplier members that I can be a helpful link for AHRMM.

I would be honored to contribute to the board representing suppliers.

Describe where you see healthcare evolving, and what you see supply chain’s role being in those future models.

I believe it is clear that with the AHA, healthcare has been migrating into a consumer-centric system with choice and transparency being the bedrock of this movement. Providers are reacting to these changes to remain viable. Those that can’t adjust have become targets for acquisition.  Because of this there is uncertainty within the supply chain and often the response is very transactional and that reducing costs will make everything okay.

I believe there are two primary trends that providers need to embrace: deliver care where and when people need it and identify and support preventative care that match the consumer need. To be effective serving these two trends Supply Chain needs to improve becoming a change agent and becoming strategic focused.

Supply Chain will be responsible for developing optimal logistics to match what the consumer needs and where they need it. The center of material management for the complete facility will need to utilize multiple tools and resources as needed to orchestrate the flow. They will need to anticipate the unique direction of their organization, compensate for legacy systems, and anticipate what changes are needed.

All of this relies on strong trustworthy relationships with industry partners and especially suppliers. I believe that AHRMM can provide an important service to help build collaboration and trust to forge a powerful Provider/Supplier engagement.

The next advancement for supply chain is their participation and leadership in innovation of care. This will require becoming knowledgeable with new ways of delivering care, preventive, acute, and chronic, that may add cost initially but have tangible payback to provide the change leadership.

How will your leadership and vision strengthen AHRMM?

I believe that the direction I describe above will extend the CQO approach by not just managing CQO but being recognized within their organization to lead CQO through anticipating advances and validating verifying and promoting through their facilities.

The cross functional role of Supply Chain will require AHRMM members to be not only participants but leaders in delivering patient care. Members will now need to be not just experts in traditional supply chain but serve as general managers for the healthcare facility. No other group will have as broad of an impact. Doctors, nurses and other medical personnel will still be key to deliver care, yet they will be augmented by AI systems to help diagnose and treat in a more consistent and repeatable process. Supply chain will be the fabric to integrate the healthcare facility.

To be effective in their organization, AHRMM members will need to continue to develop knowledge in adjacent areas. For example the current UDI initiative is critical and member’s expertise brings this tool from responding to the minimum regulatory requirement to taking full advantage of it throughout the facility.

Our challenge at AHRMM is to communicate to and convince Supply Chain team members that it will be critical to learn about the changes facing all of healthcare, rise to the new challenges with their facilities, and deliver and lead their organizations through the evolution that is in front of us today.

Finally we need to deliver the new tools and techniques, publicize the benchmarking of innovative best practices and support building collaboration throughout the healthcare community.


Total number of years as AHRMM Member: 5
Years in healthcare: 32
Years worked in the healthcare supply chain profession: 8
Years worked in current position: 6
Number of direct reports: 3
Number of employees in your department: 4
Type of Organization you are employed by: Manufacturer

Describe your current position and responsibilities:

Head of Marketing for Medegen Medical Products and responsible for all aspects of current products and product development.


List service to local chapter and to AHRMM national, including all committee/task force involvement, and whether you served as a member or as chair, within the past 5 years.

  • 2015 – 2016 Issues and Legislative Committee AHRMM
  • 2017 Member of Multiple UDI Task Forces

List Annual Conferences, Leadership Training Conferences, and Thought Leader Summits attended, including dates and locations, within the past 5 years:

  • 2012 – 2016 AHRMM Annual Conference

Service to professional associations or community organizations to which you belong, including all committees, whether you served as a member or as chair, the year(s) of service, any elected offices held and the year(s) held:

  • 2012   HIDA Committee – Healthcare Products Coalition – Company Representative
  • 1999-2001 Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)
    Blood Filter Technical Committee
  • 2001 Co-Chair of Blood Filter Technical Committee