Interested in Being a Mentor? AHRMM Mentor Program

The AHRMM Mentor Program provides healthcare supply chain professionals with access to experienced mentors who can contribute to their professional and personal development. Mentors can act as role models, serve as sounding boards, and impart their experience, expertise, and insights. There’s nothing more valuable than experience, and you have knowledge to share. Contribute to the advancement of the field by sharing your time and expertise with an up and coming leader in the field. Join the AHRMM Mentor Program today and find out how contributing to the success of others can be a rewarding and enlightening addition to your personal growth.

  1. Visit to request your user account. Your request will be submitted to the administrator for approval.
  2. Once approved, your first step will be to set up your mentor profile. The more complete your profile, the more information mentees have on which to base their selections.
  3. Once you have set up your profile, mentees can view your mentor profile as they select the best fit for their mentor relationship.
  4. The mentee will request to begin a relationship and the request will be sent to you and the administrator for review and approval.
  5. Once approved, follow the prompts to engage and plan with your new mentee.

Resources are available to mentors to assist and provide guidance in establishing a positive and productive mentor/mentee relationship. The program is designed to be agile and flexible to meet the needs of each individual mentee. Each mentor relationship will be unique based on the participants and the set expectations. Relationships can be renewed past the original six month timeframe, and can be terminated at any time.


The Mentor Program is an AHRMM Member Benefit

Available only to AHRMM members, the AHRMM Mentor Program provides a six-month platform for healthcare supply chain professionals to connect with more experienced professionals in the field. Not an AHRMM member? Get access to this program and many other benefits available only to AHRMM members.

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