AHRMM Membership | Young Professional Associate

Join AHRMM to learn about your career opportunities across the healthcare supply chain and to connect with professionals who are employed in your field of interest and can accelerate your learning and networking within this exciting field. There are many career options in healthcare supply chain and AHRMM can help you find the best path.

Interested in joining? Young Professional members must be 30 years old or younger. To join, please send a copy of an official document containing your birthdate (such as a driver’s license) to ahrmm@aha.org to confirm eligibility.


Membership Cost

$135 per 12-month period

Contact AHRMM at ahrmm@aha.org to join.

What Our Members Say about AHRMM

Allison Corry

Allison Corry, MHA, MBA, FACHE, Senior Manager, Health Advisory, Supply Chain & Operations, Ernst & Young, Saint Louis, MO

AHRMM Member since 2003

"AHRMM is a staple organization and credentialing board recognized in industry as a “golden standard” for those of us in the field. I feel it’s important for my own learning and to share my knowledge that I am a member and participate in ongoing education regularly."

Ryan Ouellet

Ryan Ouellet, CMRP, Supervisor, Supply Chain Services, Sharp Grossmont Hospital, La Mesa, CA

AHRMM Member since 2008

"I joined AHRMM on the suggestion of one of my past VPs and his recommendation to seek the CMRP certification. Since then it has become a resource for staying current on industry trends and my go-to source above all other healthcare supply chain industry publications. What keeps me coming back is the quality of the educational content, the responsiveness to member feedback and coverage of changing trends, and advocacy for healthcare supply chains."