Exploring Opportunities for Collaboration on CQO Initiatives Across Healthcare

AHRMM15 Cost, Quality, and Outcomes Summit White Paper

December 01, 2015 | Content Areas: Strategic Planning | Tags: CQO | Formats: White Paper
Authors: AHRMM

This white paper was written as a recap of the AHRMM15 Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) Summit, held in August of 2015. The paper, which is split into four parts, opens with a review of the CQO Movement and description of activities conducted since its inception in 2013 as presented by Mike Schiller, AHRMM Senior Director of Supply Chain.

The paper then summarizes the presentation by Scott Lammie, Senior Vice President Insurance Services Division and CFO, UPMC Health Plan and UPMC Health System, who recapped the changes in the payer sector, including shifts in payer-provider relationships, how payers view value, how the supply chain can link supply chain data with payer data, and more.

Part three presents a discussion from physicians perspectives led by Jimmy Y. Chung, MD, FACS, CHCQM, Director, Medical Products Analysis, Providence Health and Services, Tom Faciszewski, MD, MBA, Vice President of Supply Chain, St. Luke’s Health System, and Michael Schlosser, MD, MBA, FAANS, Chief Medical Officer, HealthTrust. These unique perspectives examined how physician leadership can learn about CQO and integrate with the supply chain.

Finally, Mary Beth Lang, R.Ph., M.P.M., D.Sc., CMRP, Vice President, HC Pharmacy and SCM Commercial Services, UPMC Health System, and AHRMM Chair-Elect, lead a discussion of leading indicators and trends with information illustrating five key trends:

1) competing on cost and quality
2) evolving payment model
3) managing risk
4) star ratings
5) the cost of innovation

AHRMM has committed to assembling a task force of thought leaders to consider and address one or more of the emerging trends and issues that were raised during the course of the CQO Summit. The task force will work to understand the selected trend(s) or issue(s), identify implications for the supply chain, and determine actions for ensuring AHRMM members’ readiness to embrace the change ahead.