February 4, 2016
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Upcoming Webinars
From Invisibility to Transparency: Cultivating OR Cost Awareness - March 2
During this upcoming webinar, the Massachusetts General leadership team will share how they used data capture to assess supply use and how they changed the culture in their hospital to be more cost aware. They will also examine the hurdles they encountered and how they addressed each along the way so you, too, can instill a financial mindfulness in your facility.
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Physician Preference Two-Part Webinar Series – March 23 & April 6
In this two-part webinar series, hear directly from physicians about how to have conversations that get results and drive change and debunk myths that have stifled clinical resource management. 
You can purchase each webinar individually or as a bundle to save:
Individual Webinar: $99 (AHRMM Members), $149 (Non Members)
Part 1 & 2 Bundle: $149 (AHRMM Members), $268 (Non Members)
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Part 1 – March 23: Debunking the Myth of Physician Preference
Discuss findings from a groundbreaking survey of physicians and case studies that debunk several myths that have stifled clinical resource management.
Part 2 – April 6: How to Effectively Partner with Physicians to Get Results
This session will explain how supply chain can appeal to physicians’ shifting priorities around value and engage them in meaningful conversations focused on patients—not just products or price.
 New On-Demand: AHRMM15 Conference Sessions
Interested in listening to some of the top AHRMM15 Learning Lab sessions?
Check out seven AHRMM15 conference recordings made available on-demand for your learning convenience:
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 Two New AHRMM Podcasts Available
AHRMM Podcasts are a free and quick resource for individuals interested in hearing more on relevant healthcare supply chain topics. Two more podcasts are now available and AHRMM will continue to launch additional podcasts throughout 2016.
The Meaningful Use 3 Rule
A short introduction to the CMS Meaningful Use 3 Rule and how implementing UDI within the healthcare setting and moving toward the full GS1 will reduce costs and improve inventory management while providing accurate data reporting and complete patient EHR information. Ultimately, these changes will lead to knowledge-based decision making and improved quality of patient care.
Presenter: Karen Conway, Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC
UDI 101
As UDI capture and exchange becomes more prevalent across the healthcare ecosystem and as implantable device information is linked to patient outcomes there are a number of expected benefits to look at. Find out how UDI will improve patients safety and supply chain purchasing for years to come. 
Presenter: Terrie Reed, FDA Senior Advisor
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 CQO Leading Practices
AHRMM has developed a repository for leading and proven supply chain practices, case studies, and tool kits that are developed from a Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) perspective.
To continue building the CQO Leading Practice Repository, AHRMM is issuing the latest call for leading practice submissions. 
AHRMM is looking for submissions highlighting initiatives in the following areas:
  • Reduced hospital-acquired conditions (HAC)
  • Reduced readmissions
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Strategic supply chain initiatives between providers and their suppliers
  • UDI adoption practices
Submissions are due May 2, 2016.
Submit Your Best Practice
Visit www.ahrmm.org/share-practices for more information including requirements and helpful documents for submission. 
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