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Upcoming Events
NEW WEBINAR: Integrating Supply Chains Across a Merged Enterprise
Save time in the creation of an effective healthcare systems integration plan with best practices and lessons learned from other organizations.
CMRP Exam at AHRMM17
Obtaining a Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) designation is a great way to document your professional knowledge, skills, and experience, so take your CMRP exam at AHRMM17 this summer! You can receive instant results. To help you better prepare for the exam, AHRMM is offering a CMRP Overview session on Sunday, July 23. CMRP exam applications are due July 10.
AHRMM17 Conference & Exhibition
Join more than 1,000 healthcare supply chain providers and over 200 suppliers at AHRMM17 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., for four days of insightful keynotes, practical learning labs, new business solutions presentations, and face-to-face discussions and activities with leading healthcare supply chain thought leaders.
  eLearning Course
The Process of Operationalizing Contracts to Support CQO
Achieve cost savings through operationalizing contracts and contract catalog deployment and management. Catalog management = contract compliance = cost savings.
Case Study
Baptist Health UDI Capture Work Group
Read how Baptist Health, an Arkansas based, locally owned and managed, not-for-profit, and faith-based healthcare organization, worked on the project intended to integrate supply chain information across all systems into one point of entry, interface data to all systems that use that data, and then define the fields and the processes that use that data.
This case study was developed by the UDI Capture work group, which is a part of the Learning UDI Community.
Supply Chain Disaster Preparedness Manual
Preparing for disasters is a more difficult task than preparing for the day-to-day emergencies that a healthcare facility or system faces. Disaster preparation goes beyond the healthcare facility walls. It involves coordination with community partners and federal and state responders. Disaster preparation calls for everyone to work together for a common goal: to meet the needs of the community in a time of extreme devastation. This manual provides a framework for preparing for such a coordinated and collaborative response to a disaster.
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