May 26, 2015
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1. Hear from Industry Leaders and Visionaries at AHRMM15
On August 9 - 12, join more than 1,000 fellow supply chain professionals at the AHRMM15 Conference & Exhibition in Indianapolis, to learn new tools and solutions, keep your skills up-to-date, explore new products and technologies, and connect with the best minds in the healthcare supply chain field. 
Register today to ensure that you're there to network with the leading healthcare supply chain professionals - all in one place, all at one time. 
AHRMM15 General Sessions - Hear from industry leaders and visionaries as they share experiences and strategies on how to succeed in the new healthcare delivery system and improve your professional performance through new connections and humor.
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2. Prepare for the CMRP Exam with the Overview Series in June
This two-part webinar series is a high-level overview of CMRP Examination content and an interactive Q&A session with two presenters that currently hold the CMRP designation.  In Part I, participants receive a high-level overview of CMRP Certification Exam content, compromised from excerpts from the Materials Management Review Guide 5th edition and CMRP Examination Content Outline.  In Part II, participants will receive the answers to the practice questions, as well as the opportunity for participants to discuss the practice questions, including answers, reasoning, tips and techniques, with the two presenters and other participants. 
Dates: Tuesday, June 9 & June 16
Time: 1:00 -2:30 pm CST (2:00 pm EST, 11:00 am PST)
Cost:  $149 (AHRMM Member), $199 (Non Member)
CPE: 3
Presenters:  Preston Hall, Director of Materials Management, Clarion Hospital
Lora Johnson, Director of Value Analysis, Grady
Earn CMRP Designation at AHRMM15 This Summer!
Earning a Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) designation is a great way to document your knowledge, skills, and experience. Invest in your future by earning a CMRP distinction in an increasingly competitive marketplace. You can receive instant results when you take your CMRP exam at AHRMM15 Conference & Exhibition!  
Examination Date: August 9, 2015 
Location: Indianapolis 
Application Deadline: July 13, 2015 
Click here to review examination schedule and application process.
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3. New CQO Movement Case Study: Providence Health & Services
Through its CQO initiatives, Providence has improved process efficiency, driven down costs, and enhanced its delivery of patient care. Read how the organization improved inventory management in the nursing units, enhanced the purchasing, billing and reimbursement processes by implementing an electronic medical record, and standardized products and services through partnering with clinicians.
AHRMM has worked with several healthcare supply chain teams to develop case studies highlighting how their organizations have embraced the Cost, Quality, and Outcomes (CQO) Movement. Click here to read more case studies to learn how other supply chain professionals work at the intersection of CQO to reduce costs while improving patient care and driving greater financial outcomes for their organizations.   These CQO case studies are a member-only resource.
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4. Expanding Your Innovation Network Has Never Been Easier
With 45,000+ users already on AHA SmartMarket™, now is the perfect time to expand your network. AHA SmartMarket is a collaborative community that brings together innovators from across the field to engage in diverse conversations around achieving the Triple Aim of healthcare.
Wondering who to connect with? Check out your Recommended Connections. 
AHA SmartMarket recommends peers to connect with based on your interests, job title and organization. Say hello to long lost colleagues and new business opportunities!
To view your personalized Recommended Connections:
  • Log in to your AHA SmartMarket profile
  • Select “Connections” from the navigation bar
It’s that easy to start adding new connections today!
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5. Term of the Week
Nurse Informaticist (NI) fills many roles, including educator, liaison, developer and analyst. The NI serves a crucial role in the success of Personal Health Records (PHRs) as well as the extent to which PHRs can be used by health care consumers. The nurse informaticist is seen by some as the clinical person that can lead the way in bringing the personal health record to the forefront of care.  NIs also can broaden consumer understanding of the content within PHRs, and explain how to use this information to make more informed decisions.
Take a moment to peruse AHRMM’s Healthcare Supply Chain Lexicon. Do you have a term to suggest to make this a more robust and valuable resource? If so, click here. We’ll provide the definition if you provide the term!
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6. Improving Disaster Planning and Response
U.S. communities and federal agencies should more intentionally seek to create healthier communities during disaster preparation and recovery efforts — something that rarely happens now, says a new report from the Institute of Medicine. By adding a health “lens” to planning and recovery, a community can both mitigate the health damage caused by disasters and recover in ways that make the community healthier and more resilient than it was before.
Source: H&HN – May 21, 2015
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7. AHA Recommends Changes to FDA Guidance to Preserve Access to Drug/Biological Products
On May 20, the AHA urged the Food and Drug Administration to revise its draft guidance for mixing, diluting or repackaging biological products to permit longer beyond-use-dates if testing or validated studies show increased sterility and stability in a similar environment. “The AHA is concerned that the proposed ‘beyond-use-dates’ are inappropriately short and may limit patient access to critical biological products,” wrote Linda Fishman, AHA senior vice president for public policy analysis and development. “The AHA urges the FDA to address this concern, thereby helping to ensure that high-quality and safely mixed, diluted and repackaged biological products continue to be provided to patients without disruption.” In a separate letter, AHA also recommended changes to draft guidance for preparing repackaged drug products to address concerns related to anticipatory repackaging and beyond-use-dates. “We urge FDA to address these concerns to ensure the continued safety and availability of repackaged medications, including those that are sold by outsourcing facilities and those prepared in-house by hospital and health care system pharmacies,” Fishman said. The letters are available at www.aha.org/letters.
Source: AHA News Now – May 20, 2015
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8. Intermountain Healthcare to Acquire Remaining 50 Percent Ownership of Amerinet
As part of Intermountain Healthcare's ongoing efforts to deliver the best possible value to Amerinet members and stakeholders, and to further Amerinet's efforts to offer best-in-class solutions, Intermountain has reached an agreement in principle to acquire Administrative Resources, Inc.'s 50% ownership of Amerinet, one of the nation's largest healthcare group purchasing organizations, subject to ARI shareholder approval. Intermountain Healthcare already owns the other 50% of Amerinet. 
Intermountain Healthcare's vision is to continue the focus of Amerinet, which will result in enhanced services, positive industry momentum, and significant opportunities and benefits to current and potential customers and vendors.
Group purchasing and supply chain organizations are strategically important and often have been overlooked in the healthcare industry. 
Intermountain Healthcare's supply chain methodologies and contributions have led to breakthrough financial and operational results. Where possible, Intermountain Healthcare intends to utilize its supply chain successes for the benefit of Amerinet and its customers. By using supply chain best practice methodologies, Amerinet will be positioned to provide stronger product offerings and services through combined organizational enhancements.
Source: HPN Daily Update – May 19, 2015
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9. DCH Health System Saves More than $5 Million in Supply Costs
Sponsored Content
Nina Dusang, chief financial officer for Alabama-based DCH Health System, found a promising opportunity to offset reimbursement reductions and pension funding requirement modifications. She also realized tackling changes of this magnitude would take active involvement from the board, leadership team, physicians, and vendors. With VHA’s help, DCH proactively cut more than $5 million during an initial 12-month effort without impacting staff, limiting services, or sacrificing quality.
The cost-cutting goal had to be extreme with such huge reimbursement reductions on the horizon. The teams identified potential savings that added up to the aggressive $5 million goal.
VHA experts worked with DCH using evidence-based practices, data analytics and clinical knowledge to recommend supply cost improvements–especially in the physician preference area. The consultants provided facts and defined daily processes. For example, some vendors bypassed materials managers and went straight to physicians to introduce products. To change that habit, DCH created a quiet period when vendors could only contact the onsite VHA purchasing representative until pricing was negotiated.
Read the full white paper on how DCH went beyond a cost-cutting exercise to develop trusting relationships with physicians and vendors that will help sustain savings and create opportunities for future system wide cost lowering.
This white paper is provided by VHA.
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10. Advance Your Career Through the AHRMM Mentor Program
Connect with the mentor who has a skill or knowledge in an area you’ve identified as key to your career development. Get assistance with career planning, discuss a particularly challenging work issue, develop real solutions, and uncover missing tools and resources. Effective mentor/mentee relationships are being formed every day through the AHRMM Mentor Program. Why wait?
Mentor relationships are established for six months at a time. The specific goals and amount of time needed to participate in the program can vary by individual. The program is flexible enough for you to customize the experience to exactly what you would like. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to network with and learn from the leaders of the healthcare supply chain field. The program is FREE and only available to AHRMM Members!
Give it a try today at www.ahrmm.org/Mentor.
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