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The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) is working in collaboration with the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) and Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI), to establish a new economic index for the healthcare supply chain. This index report will help identify trends and assist supply chain leaders in making important business decisions. To learn about how you can participate in this essential report, register for the upcoming AHRMM & ISM webinar. 
Learn more about this market-moving report on the ISM ROB® webpage.
Presenter: Tom Derry, CEO, Institute for Supply Management
Date: 11/02/2017
Time: 11 AM CST
Term of the Month
Liquid Biopsies: Liquid biopsies are blood tests that uncover signs of actual DNA, or cell-free circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), which is shed from a tumor into the bloodstream and is more than 100 times more abundant in blood than tumor cells. Several companies are developing testing kits, which are expected to hit the market this year. Liquid biopsies are being hailed as a flagship technology of the Cancer Moonshot Initiative, the national effort to end cancer.
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A report showed that 29% of total U.S. healthcare payments were tied to alternative payment models (APMs) in 2016 compared to 23% in 2015, an increase of six percentage points. Read More.
Source: HPN Daily Update - October 31, 2017
According to the MIT Technology Review, when he used the Butterfly iQ, a hand-held imaging machine for ultrasounds that is compatible with the iPhone, he discovered squamous-cell cancer after running the probe across his neck. Read More.
Source: HPN Daily UpdateOctober 30, 2017
The medtech field is rushing to keep the medical device tax, part of Obamacare, from coming back into effect at the start of 2018 after its suspension lapses. Read More.
Source: HPN Daily Update October 26, 2017
The FDA seeks comments for the draft guidance on the Breakthrough Devices program by December 26, 2017. Read More.
Source: HPN Daily Update - October 25, 2017
Learn how Intermountain Healthcare’s population health initiative is helping people in the community stay heart healthy, while improving cost, quality, and outcomes for patients with existing heart conditions.
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