AHRMM ListServ

The AHRMM Membership ListServ and the Materials Management Information Systems (MMIS) Listserv are email communication tools that allow members to communicate with one another directly. Get answers to your questions and share your knowledge with other members right from your inbox.

Subscribe and Unsubscribe

All AHRMM members are eligible to participate in the ListServ. Each participant receives messages in their email inbox and has the option to reply publicly to the whole group of subscribers or individually to the person who initiated the correspondence. To add or remove yourself from sending and/or receiving ListServ email communications, please do one of the following:

Subscribe - email ahrmmmember@aha.org and write "Subscribe me to the AHRMM Membership ListServ" or "Subscribe me to the MMIS ListServ".

Unsubscribe - email ahrmmmember@aha.org and write "Unsubscribe me from the AHRMM Membership ListServ" or "Unsubscribe me from the MMIS ListServ".

Send a Message to the Listserv

Once you have been subscribed to the ListServ, sending a message is simple. Email one of the addresses below and your message will automatically be copied to everyone subscribed to the system.

Note: AHRMM staff moderates all emails sent through the ListServ. This ensures that only appropriate content and non-spam messages are sent. For more information, please review the ListServ Usage Rules and Regulations.

Reply to a Listserv Message

There are two ways to reply:

  • Send the message to the entire list by hitting the "reply all" button.
  • Reply only to the sender by sending an email directly to his/her email address.

ListServ Archives

Searching the ListServ Archive is as easy at 1-2-3. Follow the instructions below and view the email archives of other AHRMM member's comments and questions.

  1. Register your email address and create a password. An email confirmation will be sent to you to activate your password.
  2. Logon to the ListServ.
  3. Access the Search Tool and search the archives by date, keyword, subject, or author’s email address.

NOTE: The registration process only needs to occur the first time you use the system. Make sure you have cookies enabled within your web browser, so your password will be saved and stored. Doing so will allow you to directly access the Search Tool (Step 3) every time you access the ListServ Archives moving forward.