Health Care Executive Overview: The Role of Standards in the Post-Pandemic Health Care Supply Chain


Though the health care industry is continuing to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, many industry leaders are also looking to build a more resilient supply chain by asking, “What could we have done differently?”, and “How should we prepare for future pandemics and other crises?”

The Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM), Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA), Strategic Marketplace Initiative (SMI) and GS1 US, through dialogue with industry leaders, found that two supply chain challenges—Product Transparency and Data Driven Demand Planning and Forecasting—adversely affected patients and clinicians during the pandemic. This report, Health Care Executive Overview: The Role of Standards in the Post-Pandemic Health Care Supply Chain,  outlines why the broad and swift adoption and use of standards could have greatly reduced the impact felt by these challenges and how the health care industry can get started building a more resilient supply chain.


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