Inventory Management

Feb 9, 2021
The fundamentals of health care supply chain management are the glue that holds the entire health care organization together. Whether you are new or just want a refresher, this self-directed course provides a solid understanding of the basics.
Dec 11, 2020
Learn about the logistics of COVID-19 vaccine supply, distribution and handling. Health care supply chain, clinical, logistic, risk management and pharmacy professionals, as well as military and federal agency representatives, are all invited to attend.
Nov 5, 2020
Health care supply chain leaders discuss methods to reduce the impact of demand surges and supply shortages due to unexpected events. A three-part plan to stabilize, adapt, and evolve to improve supply resilience will be shared, with a deep dive on various ways to increase trust, transparency and…
Jun 4, 2020
Listen as distributor and manufacturer panelists discuss their changing strategies relating to COVID-19 lessons, domestic verses international production and ways providers, distributors and manufacturers need to work together moving forward.
Jun 3, 2020
Learn how UCHealth was able to rapidly change and improve their inventory methods throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and how you can apply these lessons learned in your organization to better manage your inventory.
May 28, 2020
Discover how a Medical Logistics Crisis Action Team could help your institution quickly organize efforts and resources in addition to your Incident Command System.
Mar 5, 2020
High quality data collected through Point-of-Care Scanning (POC) gives providers more accurate information that will assist in delivering higher quality of care. With unique device identifiers becoming readily available for medical devices due to U.S. FDA UDI requirements, hospitals need to…
Jan 28, 2020
Clinical quality and outcomes can be drastically improved, along with avoidance of negative effects to your organization by preventing adverse events resulting from small bore device misconnections. These misconnections have caused unimaginably disastrous consequences to patients and their families…